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Brad "Scarface" Jordan

In 2019, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. I didn’t know what to expect and was scared about having to be on dialysis. After talking to Tifiro I felt more comfortable and knew what to expect. He coached me on how to be an advocate for myself sign up for the transplant list. Any questions that I have he always has the answer or directs me to the right resource to get it. He has been a great help and I really appreciate how he reaches out to check on me and my families well-being.

Kendra Chever

You’re a true inspiration. When I met you, I had no idea of all that you went through. When you told me, I was amazed. You looked like a picture of health and a great attitude. You continue to be an inspiration to many. Keep doing your thing, bruh.

Michael Taylor

Yesss! I watched you and listened to you in those early years of kidney disease and you never wavered, was never defeated, and took it on like it was one of those backs you used to crush coming through that line! Your determination, fight, commitment, and uncanny ability to make it seem like a walk in the park to those on the outside has always amazed me, among others! I’m sooo proud of you, and I am honored to have witnessed your battles, as it makes all of us as friends more aware, more tuned in, and more importantly don’t take your plight or those before you and behind you lightly! Love you always-I mean that!

Robin Ferguson

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of the YNOTT? Foundation, it has truly been an honor to work alongside Mr. Tifiro Cook for the past 12 years. Tifiro has served our organization in numerous roles over the years. As a two-time kidney transplant recipient, he has helped to provide support to thousands of pediatric transplant patients and their families across the country by visiting them regularly at local children’s hospitals to deliver hope and inspiration, as well as gifts to children on dialysis. He has also visited Capital University & The Ohio State University for several semesters on our behalf to educate sstudents on the organ transplantation process. Lastly, he’s heavily involved in the planning of our Organ Donor Awareness, Patient & Family Support, and Youth Disease Prevention annual symposiums. These symposiums encourage youth to become registered organ & tissue donors, while also promoting health & wellness and disease prevention in the community.

As a kidney transplant recipient, I often go to Tifiro with any questions or concerns I have related to my own transplant and health journey. I consider him my Kidney Care Coach. I am confident that Tifiro and his team will provide exceptional patient services and truly be a great resource to kidney patients across the country.

This letter of support is written to recognize Tifiro Cook as he continues to work to improve the lives of kidney patients in the community.


Edward Drake II

YNOTT? Foundation - Founder

T, you are so, so Amazing. As being one of your dialysis nurses, you never just focused on you! You cared about every patient who came to that unit, on your shift. Many of days I could tell when you didn’t feel well, but you pushed through it. You stayed on top communicating with your doctors, you constantly worked out on your days off treatment, you watched your diet, you knew the ins and outs about your dialysis treatments and care. You Never took a back seat. Best is all, you assist other patients with chair exercises, talked to them about their care, and was always an “ear” for everyone including staff if needed.

Out of my 33 years of nursing, you are the best!!! Praise God for people like you. Thanks for All you do!!

Theresa Dobbins

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